For Retail outlets and Onsellers:

You may be interested in selling our products on a wholesale basis. We could supply them to you in two ways:
1. As sealed polybags – fully labelled(logo, nutritional panel, ingredients) with 5 months best before date. Prices do not include GST.

.                                             Bag Size(ml)                         Price($)

Sweet Flavours                 600                                          2.50

.                                               1200                                         4.20

.                                               1300 with ziplock                 5.70

.                                               3500 with ziplock                11.50

Savoury Flavours           1300 with ziplock                 4.75

.                                               3500 with ziplock                8.25

2. Or, we could supply you with a Monster bag which is 20 litre of the product, and you just sell it any way you like( it should be sold in airtight containers). A Monster bag costs you $75 + GST + freight for sweet flavour and $44 + GST + freight for savoury flavour. For example the quote on freight to Melbourne for a pack of 3 Monster bags today to a business address is $32. The Monster bags will stay fresh for about 4 weeks if kept closed.

An order can be classed as wholesale if it is more than 30 of the sealed polybags, or any quantity of the Monster bags.

For information and orders, just email admin@sweetazpopcorn.com.au and we will contact you. You cannot order these products through the shopping cart.