Sweet Az Popcorn offer wholesale products for outlets such as video stores, theatres and gourmet sweet shops. We can cater for school or charity fundraising, functions, and special events such as weddings.

For retail outlets and on-sellers, the most popular product is our 600ml poly bag of deluxe sweet popcorn. However, we offer a range of bag sizes as shown in the pricing section below.

We also ship our Monster Bags which are a 20 litre size and can be repackaged and sold in smaller quantities. Product weight differs with sweet and savoury popcorn.

A Monster Bag of any flavoured popcorn will fill approximately 45 x 700ml cups. Any product sold should be packaged in plastic-lined bags (preferably sealed), or an airtight container.

The product will remain fresh in the Monster Bags for 4 weeks if remained closed (these bags are not air-tight).
Once the product is sealed in air-tight polypropylene bags it will keep for up to 5 months.

Wholesaling also applies to party and wedding supplies as you need larger quantities of gourmet popcorn for these events. We can also make various colours of sweet popcorn to match the wedding banquet colours.


If you are interested in selling our gourmet products on a wholesale basis, we can supply them to you in two ways:

1.Our 20 litre Monster Bags where you can sell it any way you would like:

  • A monster bag of sweet popcorn will cost $75 + GST + freight
  • A monster bag of savoury popcorn will cost $46 + GST + freight

2.Sealed poly bags – fully labelled (our logo, nutritional panel, ingredients) with 5 months best before date. Prices do not include GST.

Sweet Flavours

Bag Size (ml)            Price ($ ex GST)

600                                        2.50

1200                                     4.20

1300 with ziplock         5.70

3500 with ziplock       11.50


Savoury Flavours

Bag Size (ml)            Price ($ ex GST)

1300 with ziplock         4.75

3500 with ziplock         8.25



All orders of 30+ sealed poly bags or any quantity of monster bags is classed as a wholesale order.

An example of freight cost: from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne for a box of 3 Monster bags today to a business address is $32.

For all enquiries and orders, please email us at admin@sweetazpopcorn.com.au and we will be happy to help.

Please note that you cannot order these wholesale products through the shopping cart.