The Sweet Az Popcorn Business


Tuti Fruitti Popcorn

Our gourmet popcorn is a classic that pleases the whole family and now comes in a range of flavours that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

Whether you want to purchase a small gift or are hoping to buy bulk, our gourmet popcorn caters to all customers and tastes. Featuring flavours such as Coffee Espresso, Rocky Pop Road and Tuti Fruitti, its a new take on an old favourite that you will simply love. With every order we will enclose a free sample of a different flavour for you to try.

We don’t just cater to the sweet-tooth either; Sweet Az Popcorn also has a wide selection of savoury options that you won’t be able to resist. Savoury popcorn is healthier because it has little or no sugar, but what makes our brand extra healthy is because it is popped with sunflower oil rather than coconut oil. Remember that coconut oil is a fully saturated oil whereas sunflower oil is a poly-unsaturated oil. 

Although the range is huge the all-time traditional favourites are still caramel popcorn and movie popcorn.

Our products are ideal for a host of occasions from the simple movie night to birthday parties and family celebrations. For those in business, you can also purchase wholesale popcorn from our online store. Have a browse through the website to see the full range of flavours and products. If you have any questions regarding our wholesale, fundraising or bulk buying, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.


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If our flavours sound familiar, you may have been a customer of Pop n Go which was located in many shopping centres. Sweet Az Popcorn started as a factory to supply Pop n Go at Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre at Maroochydore in Queensland, Australia. Today you will see many of our products used by gourmet outlets such as Dessert Boxes , the Lolly Bug shops at Little Hartley and Nelson Bay and selected movie theatres like Maryborough Cinema Qld.


Sweet Az Popcorn Business is a family affair that has been making popcorn and fudge for many years. Our products taste great because we use the old fashioned ingredients like real sugar, real butter and real chocolate. We are not into the butter substitutes and copha and emulsifiers. We hope you love us.