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Snowman Popcorn Plate

    This is the perfect craft for little fingers. This paper plate popcorn snowman is not only cute but super easy to make!   You will need: ? Paper Plate   ? Popcorn (plus extra for snacking on)   ? Glue   ? Googly Eyes   ? Black Buttons   ? Orange Craft Foam   ? Scissors   To make this gorgeous snowman, get the kids to spread glue onto a small paper plate starting with some glue in the centre of the plate and with a paint brush, or their finger, spread the glue so that the plate is completely covered. Next, the kids will cover the entire plate with the popcorn for snow. While the glue dries, get them to cut a triangle out of the orange craft foam then glue the orange triangle onto the centre on top of the popcorn for the snowmanís nose.
For the snowmanís eyes, glue two large googly eyes above the orange triangle. For the finishing touch, glue several small black buttons below the snowmanís nose for his mouth. If you donít have black buttons, you can use black craft foam, pom poms, or black card stock. To make this snowman even extra cute (if that’s even possible) the kids can create the rest of the snowman and add a hat, stick arms, boots, and a scarf. Source: Preschool Inspirations
The Snowman Popcorn Plate
The Snowman Popcorn Plate
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