Popcorn bags

Popcorn Movie Boxes

Who doesn’t love a family movie night? 
Every Friday night is Movie Night in our household and there is nothing better than sitting together as a family with delicious popcorn (kids love the Original Movie…. I go for Butterscotch or Grand Maca….. or Chocomello) and watching the latest flick or an all time favourite! 
Let’s make family movie night even more fun by getting the kids to make their own popcorn boxes (and while they are at it, they can make us adults one each!) 
We have hunted down just some of the best DIY popcorn boxes and have shared the links below. Whether they choose the old time classic red & white striped box, a Woody from Toy Story box or let them design their own with the plain popcorn box! Which-ever they choose, family movie night will be POPular with these cool popcorn boxes!

*Red & White Stripped Popcorn Box + Movie Tickets

*Emoji Popcorn Box

*Toy Story Woody Popcorn Box

*Plain Popcorn Box

Or, if you have plain paper bags, simply print and cut out a Popcorn clip art image such as the one below, and glue to the front of the bag!

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