Weddings & Events

At Sweet Az Popcorn, we can provide our delicious products to cater for your upcoming special event such as, wedding, engagement party, baby shower, etc. Choose from our Popcorn Monster Bags or see what Sweet Az POP-Bonnieres has to offer.

Monster Bags

We can supply you with a large quantity of flavoured popcorn in our Monster Bag which has a volume of 20litres (the actual weight will depend on the flavour selected).

A Monster Bag of any flavoured popcorn will fill 45 plastic cups of size 700ml. Any product sold should be packaged in plastic-lined bags( preferably sealed), or any airtight container.

A monster bag of sweet popcorn costs you $75 + GST + freight.

A monster bag of savoury popcorn costs you $44 + GST + freight.

The flavours that are available in the Monster Bags are the Popcorn Deluxe Sweet Flavours, Popcorn Skinny Sweet Flavours, and Popcorn Savoury Flavours.

The product will remain fresh in the Monster Bags for 4 weeks ( these bags are not air-tight). Once the product is sealed in air-tight polypropylene bags it will keep for 5 months.

For information and orders, just email and we will contact you. You cannot order these products through the shopping cart.

Sweet Az POP-Bonnieres

Sometimes you just want to give all your guests a little something special to take home as a “Thank-You”, and we can help!

  • A very popular idea is the “Thank-you Bag” which is our 600ml polypropylene bag sealed about halfway up, leaving room for you to put a ribbon near the top with a message printed from your own computer. Or you could just pop these sealed bags in a box or bag that you prepare yourself.  Product will have  just one label with the name of the flavour and the website address for guests who need to know nutritional info*.
  • However, you may prefer Sweetaz to do it all for you. We can supply popcorn favors or bombonnieres in a variety of looks complete with a personalised “Thank-You” tag. From gorgeous Popcorn Jars to Poly Bags finished off with beautiful ribbon to match your event colours. Prices range from $2 to $6. Each sealed bag will come with one of our labels on it with our website address for those guests who require nutritional information. Personalised Tags are from $0.50 to $0.70 each – you can see them on our Downloads Page at the top of this website. The full range can be viewed on the Sweet Az Pop-Bonnieres Instagram page by clicking here.

*These products cannot be ordered through the shopping cart so for more information and orders, please email us at and we will contact you. Minimum order is 20 bags. Prices are ex-GST.

Plain “Thank-You Bag” $2        “Thank-You Bag” with Ribbon $4

       “Thank-You Bag” with Ribbon and Tag $4.60









Lace Popcorn Box $4.20                                                        Lace Popcorn Bag $4.70


Sweet Popcorn Jar 200ml $5

Jute Bag & Blank Tag $5