Thank you Jar

Thank you Jar is a small plastic container with smooth rounded edges – lovely feel and crystal clear!

Sometimes you just want to give all your guests a little something special to take home as a “Thank you”, and here is the perfect item.

Our Thank you Jars contain any chosen popcorn flavour packaged into a 200ml jar and finished with a ribbon of your chosen colour and one of our personalised labels. The Thank you Jars will also have a rear label with the name of the flavour and the website address for guests who need to know nutritional info.

These products cannot be ordered through the shopping cart so for more information and orders, please email us at and we will contact you. Minimum order is 20 jars. Prices are ex-GST.

Prices (ex GST):
  • Thank you Jar – with Ribbon and Personalised Label: $6.40 ea